Creative Feminine Leadership Guiding the Singing Tree Project

This slide show describes the 7 Principles of Feminine Leadership that the Singing Tree collaborative Mural Project is based on: Valuing Children, Story, Nature, Trees, Art, Beauty and Inclusion. Rich imagery from the Forest of Singing Tree murals made from all over the world.

Restorative Justice Singing Tree

Co-created with AIMS High School ( and commissioned by Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)

The Rooftop Singing Tree of Solutions

66 4th graders co-designed and painted the 84th Singing Tree mural with 250 more students adding leaves made out of wood. The driving question was “What solution do you see to a challenge that’s important to you?” Ms. Woo and Ms. Hironaka’s classes were the design leaders.

The Singing Trees at Bioneers-2018

People at the 2018 Bioneers Conference share their experience in the Singing Tree collaborative mural Project. Marin School of the Arts student Daniel Hoffman crafted this short video from footage shot by Kathleen Quinn.

Climate Solutions Singing Tree

The 76th Singing Tree Mural made by 50 students at Ukiah High School (California) They co-designed and led this collaborative mural project to envision Climate Solutions. We used 8 of Project Drawdown’s top 10 solutions. 300 more students added their vision of possibilities. A project affiliated with Unity Through Creativity Foundation and Create Peace Project.

Lemon Cherry Singing Tree of Peace

A STEAM Peace Building Through Art project, funded by Young Audiences of Northern California and the South San Francisco Unified School District. Fifty 3rd through 8th graders designed and led the 78th Singing Tree collaborative mural. They studied ecology, art, neuroscience and peace building in the process. 350 more students contributed to the mural. The words are what the students learned from the project.

The Future Accelerator Singing Tree 2019

The video celebrates 2019 IONS’ conference in Silicon Valley. I told the story of the gathering through the collaborative art of the 78th Singing Tree mural and the words of some of the visionaries who gathered.

The Mangrove Singing Tree of Love

A collaborative mural made with Westglades Middle School in Parkland, Florida to creatively process the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting last Valentine’s Day. It’s the 75th Singing Tree mural in a series made by over 18,000 people from 50 countries.

Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration

22 murals made from 2001 to 2015. They demonstrate the power of collaboration, inspired by Nature. They model Peace Building through Art. In the face of the unravelling of Nature and culture, the Singing Tree Project demonstrates that shared vision and creative cooperation explode in unimagined possibilities.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Singing Tree of One Planet Living

What if we lived as if we have One Planet instead of five, like most North Americans do? This is the driving question of the 44th Singing Tree, co-designed with 25 students at Hill Education Center in Novato, California. The mural was completed at the 2015 Bioneers Conference. One Planet Living is an initiative of Bio-regional that is building communities around the world that strive to have zero carbon emissions, zero waste, sustainable food, sustainable water use, equitable money distribution, sustainable production of goods, sustainable relationship with plants and animals, a culture of happiness.

Water Willow Singing Tree

The Water Willow Singing Tree was made by Computer Design, Painting and Industrial Design students at MSA. It was completed at the 2016 Bioneers Conference. Film by 12th grade student Jack McKinney.

Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action

Young people in Marin County California innovate by collaborating to create the Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action, facilitated by Create Peace Project of San Francisco. This team building and leadership training program trained 50 youth to host the creation of Madrone Singing Tree Mural for the 2013 Bioneers Conference of “Vision to Action”. The project demonstrates education based on making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. Music: “World of Rainbows” from Canyon Trilogy by R. Carlos Nakai courtesy of Canyon Records License 2013–089 All rights reserved. “Lilyana” by Prudence Mahbena. “Us” by Brother Ali. “If I Could Change the World” by Eric Clapton.

Sarajevo Singing Tree

Young people from different religions in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzogivinia collaborate to create a Singing Tree mural as they learn team-building and leadership skills. Create Peace Project of San Francisco joined with ArtGrupa of Sarajevo to carrying out this team-building project.

Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity

1300 staff and students of A.P Giannini Middle School in San Francisco innovated by collaborating to create a mural inspired by their eco-system. The 8th grade chorus accompanied the video, which was filmed by 8th graders. The education program trained youth in peace leadership, deeply engaging students as they made a real product for a real audience that has a real impact.

Cypress Singing Tree of Peace

When Everett Middle School of SF lost one of its students ten years ago, it inaugurated a Peace Studies program. The project demonstrates innovation, collaboration education based on making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. This year, Ross Holzman of the joined to create the 16th Singing Tree mural – the Cypress Singing Tree of Peace – with 350 middle school students – helping support the peace culture.

Seasons of Hope Singing Trees

Homeless, formerly homeless and socially conscious youth innovate by collaborating to creating four murals – a California Live Oak in the Winter of Wellness, Spring of Sustainability, Summer of Serenity and Autumn of Abundance answering the question: What kind of World do you want to live in?” This series was inspired by the Shift Network’s vision of 2012. The Singing Tree Project is no longer affiliated with Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity. It regrets promoting this organization.

The Marin Singing Tree of What Makes America

A series of five hosted Conversation and Creative Sessions in Marin County about what makes our country great. The conversations took place in Marin City, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, San Rafael and Novato. This project was partially funded by the Peaceful World Foundation 2017.

What Makes America Great! (San Rafael, CA)

A short slideshow of a Conversation and Creative Session at the Youth Court YMCA in San Rafael, facilitated by Create Peace Project and funded by the Peaceful World Foundation. Aug. 18, 2017.

Singing Tree at Bioneers 2010

The project demonstrates innovation, collaboration education based on students making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. Amazing collaborative art highlights the cry for sanity by young people and elders from around the world.