Singing Tree Forest

The Singing Tree™ Collaborative Methodology builds TRUST and INNOVATION, because it is inspired by Nature: It is replicable! It reflects interdependence! It celebrates diversity! It has clear goals with the local conditions determining the form! It is endlessly creative!

Creative Feminine Leadership Guiding the Singing Tree Project

This slide show describes the 7 Principles of Feminine Leadership that the Singing Tree collaborative Mural Project is based on: Valuing Children, Story, Nature, Trees, Art, Beauty and Inclusion. Rich imagery from the Forest of Singing Tree murals made from all over the world.

Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration

22 murals made from 2001 to 2015. They demonstrate the power of collaboration, inspired by Nature. They model Peace Building through Art. In the face of the unravelling of Nature and culture, the Singing Tree Project demonstrates that shared vision and creative cooperation explode in unimagined possibilities.