Middle School


Lemon Cherry Singing Tree of Peace

A STEAM Peace Building Through Art project, funded by Young Audiences of Northern California and the South San Francisco Unified School District. Fifty 3rd through 8th graders designed and led the 78th Singing Tree collaborative mural. They studied ecology, art, neuroscience and peace building in the process. 350 more students contributed to the mural. The words are what the students learned from the project.

The Mangrove Singing Tree of Love

A collaborative mural made with Westglades Middle School in Parkland, Florida to creatively process the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting last Valentine’s Day. It’s the 75th Singing Tree mural in a series made by over 18,000 people from 50 countries.

Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity

1300 staff and students of A.P Giannini Middle School in San Francisco innovated by collaborating to create a mural inspired by their eco-system. The 8th grade chorus accompanied the video, which was filmed by 8th graders. The education program trained youth in peace leadership, deeply engaging students as they made a real product for a real audience that has a real impact.

Cypress Singing Tree of Peace

When Everett Middle School of SF lost one of its students ten years ago, it inaugurated a Peace Studies program. The project demonstrates innovation, collaboration education based on making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. This year, Ross Holzman of the www.CreatePeaceProject.org joined unitythroughcreativity.net to create the 16th Singing Tree mural – the Cypress Singing Tree of Peace – with 350 middle school students – helping support the peace culture.