Peace Building

Singing Tree™ Murals 2018

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Phoenix Singing Tree

Phoenix Singing Tree™


Jack London Elementary School,
co-faciliated with Lili Lopez,
Santa Rosa, California

Oak Singing Tree of Belonging

Oak Singing Tree™ of Belonging

1 Billion Rising, Destiny Arts, Oakland, California

Cedar Singing Tree

Cedar Singing Tree™ of Design

Monterey County School Board, Monterey, California

The Oak Singing Tree of Community Matters

The Oak Singing Tree™ of Community Matters

Community Matters,Santa Rosa, California

Redwood Singing Tree of Purification

Redwood Singing Tree™ of Purification

Woodland Charter School,Grants Pass, Oregon

Oak Singing Tree of Pathways Forward

Oak Singing Tree™ of Pathways Forward


Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, California

Maple Singing Tree Branch of Peace Building

Maple Singing Tree™ Branch of Peace Building

California Peace Alliance, Santa Rosa, California

Oak Singing Tree of Service

Oak Singing Tree™ of Service

George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, Washington, D.C.

Jane Goodall Singing Tree of Love

Jane Goodall Singing Tree™ of Love

Made with Roots’n Shoots Programs of San Francisco,
co-facilitated with Ross Holzman,
San Francisco, California

FEMA Singing Tree of Learning

FEMA Singing Tree™ of Learning

FEMA Higher Education Symposium, Emmitsburg, Maryland

Unity in Community Singing Tree

Unity in Community Singing Tree™

Supporting the School Board campaign of Lyndsey Burcina, 18, Santa Rosa, California

The Marquette-Alger Singing Trees of Healthy Families

The Marquette-Alger Singing Tree™ of Healthy Families

Marquette-Alger Regional Educational ServiceAgency, Marquette, Michigan

The Singing Tree of Spirit and Nature

The Singing Tree™ of Spirit and Nature

by the Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto, CA,
Facilitated by Sunanda Peters