The Singing Trees at Bioneers-2018

People at the 2018 Bioneers Conference share their experience in the Singing Tree collaborative mural Project. Marin School of the Arts student Daniel Hoffman crafted this short video from footage shot by Kathleen Quinn.

The Future Accelerator Singing Tree 2019

The video celebrates 2019 IONS’ conference in Silicon Valley. I told the story of the gathering through the collaborative art of the 78th Singing Tree mural and the words of some of the visionaries who gathered.

Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action

Young people in Marin County California innovate by collaborating to create the Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action, facilitated by Create Peace Project of San Francisco. This team building and leadership training program trained 50 youth to host the creation of Madrone Singing Tree Mural for the 2013 Bioneers Conference of “Vision to Action”. The project demonstrates education based on making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. Music: “World of Rainbows” from Canyon Trilogy by R. Carlos Nakai courtesy of Canyon Records License 2013–089 All rights reserved. “Lilyana” by Prudence Mahbena. “Us” by Brother Ali. “If I Could Change the World” by Eric Clapton.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Singing Tree of One Planet Living

What if we lived as if we have One Planet instead of five, like most North Americans do? This is the driving question of the 44th Singing Tree, co-designed with 25 students at Hill Education Center in Novato, California. The mural was completed at the 2015 Bioneers Conference. One Planet Living is an initiative of Bio-regional that is building communities around the world that strive to have zero carbon emissions, zero waste, sustainable food, sustainable water use, equitable money distribution, sustainable production of goods, sustainable relationship with plants and animals, a culture of happiness.

Singing Tree at Bioneers 2010

The project demonstrates innovation, collaboration education based on students making a real product for a real audience that has a real impact to deeply engage students. Amazing collaborative art highlights the cry for sanity by young people and elders from around the world.