Climate Solutions Singing Tree

The 76th Singing Tree Mural made by 50 students at Ukiah High School (California) They co-designed and led this collaborative mural project to envision Climate Solutions. We used 8 of Project Drawdown’s top 10 solutions. 300 more students added their vision of possibilities. A project affiliated with Unity Through Creativity Foundation and Create Peace Project.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Singing Tree of One Planet Living

What if we lived as if we have One Planet instead of five, like most North Americans do? This is the driving question of the 44th Singing Tree, co-designed with 25 students at Hill Education Center in Novato, California. The mural was completed at the 2015 Bioneers Conference. One Planet Living is an initiative of Bio-regional that is building communities around the world that strive to have zero carbon emissions, zero waste, sustainable food, sustainable water use, equitable money distribution, sustainable production of goods, sustainable relationship with plants and animals, a culture of happiness.

Water Willow Singing Tree

The Water Willow Singing Tree was made by Computer Design, Painting and Industrial Design students at MSA. It was completed at the 2016 Bioneers Conference. Film by 12th grade student Jack McKinney.

Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity

1300 staff and students of A.P Giannini Middle School in San Francisco innovated by collaborating to create a mural inspired by their eco-system. The 8th grade chorus accompanied the video, which was filmed by 8th graders. The education program trained youth in peace leadership, deeply engaging students as they made a real product for a real audience that has a real impact.