Episode 51, The Human Current, The Complexity Theory Podcast

Learning from nature

March 23, 2017

In this episode, Haley interviews author, public speaker, and education transformer, Laurie Marshall. Laurie discusses her passion for empowering youth through creative collaboration and introduces her new book, Beating the Odds Now, which she describes as “a love letter for teachers” to help them feel inspiration and joy in their work. Laurie also shares the importance of looking to nature as a tool for learning and a way for each individual to discover their inner genius. The cover image for this episode is titled “Fig Singing Tree of the Child”.

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In this episode

Understand how to bring new energy and creativity to wherever you work with young people. Using thoughtful ideas from guest Laurie Marshall you can tap the creativity of students to address real-world problems and bring more color and passion to any learning environment.

About today’s guest

Laurie Marshall is a collaboration innovator, a creative leadership trainer, and a San Francisco Bay area art and social studies teacher. For 30 years, she has helped to create inclusive, collaborative and joyous school environments. To Laurie, the school walls and the creative storytelling drive of the students are often an underutilized gold mine for making positive school culture.